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6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Started with 3D Printing in Your Hospital

Along with the tremendous potential of Medical 3D Printing, there are also significant challenges to its widespread adoption. Where should you start? What kind of software tools do you need to support your 3D Printing workflow?

Using Lifelike 3D Models to Train for Complex Pediatric Surgery

At the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, the cardiovascular surgery division led by Dr. Glen Van Arsdell is using 3D-printed models to train new surgeons before they perform complex pediatric surgery. This solution resolves a dire need for proper training and practice, which is often limited to practicing on organ donations or animals.

Is 3D Printing Changing the Future of Radiology?

Although 3D Printing has already been used in medical applications for over two decades, it’s only in the last couple of years that radiologists are starting to show a growing interest for the seemingly endless opportunities that this technology offers for 3D visualization and printing. So how will 3D Printing influence the future of radiology?

Ground-Breaking Elbow Transplant Assisted by Materialise

After a car accident seven years ago, Reggie Cook was left with a variety of injuries that made him unable to walk or feed himself. Materialise played a key part in helping to visualize the patient’s pre-operative anatomy and strategize the correction ahead of the elbow transplant.

Materialise Mimics

The Mimics Care Suite facilitates improved outcomes through software for surgical planning and medical 3D Printing. Our clinical engineers develop patient-specific guides that transfer a co-created surgical plan to the OR. In addition, we offer patient-specific implants that enable you to treat complex cases.

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Software & Services for Medical 3D Printing

3D Printing for orthopedic applications
THINK Medical 3D Printing Webinar Series | Orthopedics | Upper and Lower Extremities

THINK Medical 3D Printing is a series of short (15-20 min.), focused webinars that highlight new approaches on how leading orthopaedic surgeons use 3D visualization tools and 3D-printed devices in their daily practice. Inspirational speakers share cases in which 3D planning and Medical 3D Printing were game changers.

Visit Our Blog on Medical 3D Printing
Visit Our Blog on Medical 3D Printing

Trusted in hospitals, academia and medical device companies, Materialise Mimics empowers medical professionals to craft better-visualized plans and make better-informed decisions. Our medical 3D Printing blog includes an array of inspiring success stories, plus tips & tricks, and the chance to meet members of the ever-growing community of 3D Printing fans and beneficiaries.

Webinar: Implementing 3D Printing in Your Hospital

In recent years, the complexity of procedures has increased, so has the need for enhanced planning, training and education. A growing number of interventionists and surgeons are using 3D-printed, patient-specific models to prepare for procedures with more confidence. Join this webinar if you are also considering to implement 3D Printing in your hospital!